Terms and Conditions

The sports association was founded in 2023 with the aim of promoting and developing amateur sports activities.

We organize various types of outings, with various boats and therefore with various Technicians/Skippers/Instructors.

The tours are initiatives aimed only at members, therefore registration with the association will be required, which aims to introduce you to sailing on cabin cruisers and train the crew.

All the activities carried out will have a sporting, educational and non-commercial character.

The main activity will be: recreational boating (daily tours, weekends and weekly holidays).

All activities carried out will be sporting and educational and non-commercial.

The exits at sea are aimed at adults or minors accompanied, all with identity card or passport.

Each individual who will go out at sea will be associated and therefore considered a partner for 1 year of the Rotte Parallele asd.

The Association, recognized for sporting purposes pursuant to art. 10 Legislative Decree 36/2021, carries out the organization and management of amateur sports activities on a stable and principal basis pursuant to art. 7.1 letter b) Legislative Decree 36/2021, including training, teaching, preparation and assistance for amateur sporting activities.

Specifically, its aim is the development and dissemination of amateur sporting activities connected to the discipline of SAILING, UNDERWATER ACTIVITIES, SPORT FISHING, WATER SKIING, WAKEBOAT, WATER SPORTS; and any modifications, through the management of every form of activity suitable for promoting the knowledge and practice of said disciplines according to the directives of the Affiliating Body, and more generally of the sports disciplines considered admissible by the regulations and provisions of CONI and the register of sporting activities held by the sports department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, intended as a means of psycho-physical and moral training of members and athletes.

Within the limits set by the art. 9 Legislative Decree 36/2021 and the implementing legislation, the Association has the right to carry out secondary and instrumental activities, as long as it is strictly connected to the institutional purpose according to criteria and limits defined with a specific decree of the President of the Council of Ministers or of the political authority delegated by it in matters of sport, in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance, such as by way of example:

  • The implementation of services and structures for carrying out free time activities, such as an internal bar, shop, refreshment points, administration of pre-packaged, pre-cooked and similar foods and drinks (including any food supplements), musical entertainment, for exclusive use of members/members only;
  • The ordinary maintenance of sports equipment essential for carrying out the sports disciplines organized by the ASD, which are the subject of the statute and for which recognition has been obtained through registration in the CONI register, for the exclusive use of members and/or members only;
  • the promotion of sporting, environmental, recreational, cultural activities and, in general, the activity carried out by associates or members of the relevant sports organizations also through participation in trade fairs, carrying out advertising actions, carrying out studies and research market, the preparation of catalogs and any other means of promotion deemed suitable.
  • Organize events, demonstrations, open competitions, open to all sports promotion bodies;
  • Organize projects, participate in tenders and notices aimed at enhancing the territory through sport;
  • Organise, for its members/members, travel and social tourism, sports tourism and environmental tourism;
  • Guarantee the use of its facilities for training purposes to third parties, including those belonging to the police forces, armed forces and security institutes;
  • Editing and disseminating magazines, brochures, handbooks and in any case any publication connected to institutional activity and carrying out research, documentation and experimentation activities concerning the environment, tourism and sport;
  • The exercise, for the purely self-financing purposes, of commercial activities, connected to institutional activities, (by way of example but not limited to: sponsorships, sale, rental and leasing of clothing and sports equipment relating to the sports disciplines practiced), observing the regulations administrative and fiscal regulations in force;
  • Anything else provided for in the Statute and the internal regulations of the Sports and/or Social Promotion Bodies, the National Sports Federations, the Associated Disciplines and the international, national or regional Associations to which the Association belongs;
  • Collaboration with other sports clubs and associations or social promotion associations for the promotion of amateur sporting activity through the organization of events, demonstrations, competitions, stages, meetings, etc.
  • Collaboration with public and private bodies for the promotion and enhancement of amateur, cultural and environmental sporting activities and for the implementation of socially useful projects aimed at the reintegration and rehabilitation of disadvantaged individuals;
  • The organization of study seminars, technical-professional education courses, qualification, improvement and coordination of sporting, recreational, environmental and cultural activities.
  • The creation and management of movable and immovable assets aimed at sports, tourism-sports, cultural, environmental and recreational activities, also through financing from the Institute for Sports Credit and other public or private bodies;
  • Promotion of associations with other associations, associations and voluntary bodies.
  • The management of recreational and cultural centers and clubs, with the possibility of providing food and drinks, in the manner permitted by law;
  • The fomento and the realization of musical centers for dancing evenings, musical and artistic exhibitions;
  • The organization of festivals, events, socio-educational projects, initiatives aimed at protecting the terrestrial and marine environment and local traditions;

Any going out to sea,  must be confirmed definitively by telephone or e-mail agreement.

The boats to be used will be chosen on the basis of the number of participants and internal logics in order to guarantee the greatest possible comfort, especially on long routes in Greece and for weeklies,

The staff and instructors will be fully available to the participants for the entire duration of the trips at sea.

To guarantee a serious and professional service it is advisable during the booking a payment of 30% for daily trips, weekend; 50% for weekly outings.

The payment will be fully refundable only for failure to exit at sea due to adverse weather conditions and not having found another useful date. It will not be refundable in any other case.

In case of weekly departures delayed due to bad weather, the payment will not be refundable.

The balance of daily, weekend and fishing trips will be made at embarkation; the balance of the weekly exits will instead be made one month before boarding.

All payments made by the members are to be considered as reimbursement of expenses for the realization of the activities recognized to the association by the CONI.

Any decision on board will be taken at the discretion of the Captain, to ensure the safety of the participants and the boat.

The itineraries are to be considered “flexible” as they can be changed at the discretion of the Captain to ensure safety on board.

Each member, as such, declares under his responsibility to be in good health and strong constitution.

The association is relieved of liability for damages and / or injuries that may occur to associates during sporting activities.

In case of bad weather and adverse conditions, the staff reserves the right, upon communication to the customer, to anticipate or postdate or postpone or cancel the trip to sea or to return before the established time.

For all additional and non-substitute agreements to the aforementioned, the exchanged emails before the release are binding.